These questions are intended to create clarity and serve as a foundation for your optimal coaching experience. Please complete these questions prior to our initial session together.

If time and money were not factors, what would you like to do, be or have?

What is your vision for your life and/or business for the next year?

Describe your ideal life:

What could be your best contribution to this world?

If you have a mission or purpose statement, please write it below:

At the end of your life, what do you think you would most regret not having done for yourself?

What are your biggest gifts and talents?

Who are the influencers or mentors in your life?

Who is the most significant person to you right now and why?

List the 5 people you spend the most time with: (do you feel you are surrounding yourself with like-minded people? Or do you keep the people in your life because they have been there for a long time?)

Who most aggravates you and why? What would you like them to do to "fix" it?

At this moment in time, how would you describe your commitment level to making your life a success?

At this moment in time, how would you describe your general state of well being, energy and self-care?

At this moment in time, how would you describe how much fun or pleasure you are experiencing in your life?

What do you most enjoy doing in your leisure time?

What kind of moments brings you joy and fulfillment?

If you could put one fear behind you once and for all, what would it be?

In what area of your life do you most want to have a true breakthrough?

What would you like to be really good at?

What else would you like your coach to know about you – your fears, hopes, goals?